Connecting the dots

The Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis

The Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (CUTA) processes all relevant information and intelligence on terrorism, extremism and problematic radicalisation. CUTA tries to link up the right elements, “connecting the dots”, so that societal problems can be dealt with before they become security issues.

CUTA puts the pieces of the puzzle together to get a picture of possible threats. The Coordination Unit brings the right people together around the table and builds bridges between services. In other words, connecting the dots. In this way, CUTA contributes to the safety of the Belgian citizens, the country and its interests abroad.

The ‘C’ of Coordination

The capital “C” plays a key role. The working method of the Coordination Unit is based on cooperation with its partner services.

Based on its threat assessments, CUTA consults with all actors involved in issues related to terrorism, extremism and radicalisation. CUTA also coordinates a preventive approach within the national Strategy T.E.R.

General threat level for Belgium

The threat level is identified on a scale from 1 to 4. The seriousness and probability of the threat determine the level.

the threat is serious
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